Saskatoon berries

Early July brings on the Saskatoon berries.  Each cluster on the tall, sparse shrubs is a mixture of deep-purple black and carmine pink fruits.  Down along Petersen Creek, the Saskatoon shrubs are heavy with ripe fruit and early in the morning , a woman stands alone in the fresh sunlight, pulling fruit.  At the end of the walk, I break off a small branch to sketch.  The next day, the summer heat descends upon this cut-valley landscape with a vengeance.  Summer solstice come and gone, I linger on the rich texture of the saskatoon, cognizant of the diminishing possibilities.


South Thompson Shadows

Early July on the two track that stretches between Rose Hill and Juniper Ridge…

Lupines and gaillardia everywhere.  Alumroot poking up amongst the grasses on the shaded cutbanks of the road.  Green, green grass and the luscious contours of an aspen canopy above us on the hills.  The flanks of the hills across the valley are cast into shadows.  On the Sunday of our long weekend, I ride the length of this road twice–once early in the morning and then I convince the family to come back again after dinner.  Even though the evening ride is brisk with an evening wind, I feel like I ride through eye candy, every turn in the road offering a new image worth a painting. rosehill_shadows_small