(Re)visiting above the treeline

More than a year ago now, writer and naturalist John Tallmadge and his family came from their home in Ohio to visit, giving me the excuse to relish Wells Gray above the treeline.  Today as the snow falls–small and white and insistent–these pages give a glimpse into the other side of our yearly orbit.

I came home from our visit brimming with the smells and colours and sounds and textures of an ecosystem at its floral peak, straining and blooming to do what’s necessary before the cold returns.  Of the many gifts good visitors bring, the one I value most is their fresh eyes.  The landscape of Wells Gray is not one I inhabit, but over the last twelve years, it has become part of my yearly round and it’s good to be reminded of the splendour that awaits.

2 thoughts on “(Re)visiting above the treeline

    • Thanks so much Theresa. I’m glad to have a few moments to go back through some of my journals. The images are a little glimmer of hope, especially with all the snow we’ve gotten over the last few days! Hope you’re snug and warm on the coast.

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