A Return to the Field

In Canada, this last weekend was the last of a federal election, but out along the Tranquille River, it was a weekend of light and shadow, line and contour.  Fifteen field journalers and I spent Saturday morning, sitting in place, paying close attention to the curve of leaf and stem, the colours layered in the living fabric of this good, green earth.  We drew beaver ponds and volcanic hillslopes, red-osier dogwood and goldenrod.  After the unpredictability of this second pandemic summer (heat domes, wildfires, the rising sorrow of unmarked graves) I no longer take such  simple pleasure for granted. A weekend morning spent drawing in good company. What a gift. My thanks to both the Kamloops Naturalist Club and the City of Kamloops for asking me to teach the class; my deepest thanks to those who created a class with their presence!

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