The Gift of Time

This new year began, for me, with the gift of time.  After the last decade’s worry about the shifting relationship between plants and peoples, I have a sabbatical to use my field journals to document and explore the co-mingled lives of nearby plants and people.  In the third week of January, I travelled the short distance to Sorrento, to sit in the snow and the draw the landscape of the farm called Notch Hill Community Growers.  Clouds hung low, hoar frost filigreed the bodies of nearby and more distant plants. Northern shrike, rough-legged hawk, coyote, cow, rooster, farmer.  Just a few of lives that depend upon the beings rooted in this valley.  What a gift to know that I can return throughout the unfolding of this coming year.

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. And I am back in the corporate world. They seem to know, though… At least the company I work for… That change is coming. Much love to you Lyn. Glad you found some time…

  2. Lyn

    Enjoy your sabbatical. I hope you are able to explore our world close by and come to deeper understandings of the interplay of humans, plants, wild life and domestic animals. I look forward to reading those thoughts. I always enjoy your perceptive reflections on our ecology and how our physical place in the interior impacts life.

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