Mt Lolo


In the company of Marianne and Ron Ignace, the slopes of Skedam Flats and Mt Lolo ring with a history that bears witness to a continual interaction of plants and people.  At the entrance to the flats, Marianne and Ron lead us to the depressed walls of a historic pit oven and then we head to higher ground to wander in one of the most spectacular balsamroot meadows I have visited.  Cadmium yellow spills across the slope while the rich chocolate of rice root (Fritillaria lanceolata) lies hidden in the swale mid field.

When we turn downhill once more, I keep thinking about “gardening in the wild”.  But even the word “wild” is wrong as it implies a lack of people and this morning has reminded me again of the continual presence of people in this valley for the last several thousands of years.